Tamarind Hill | Tamarind Hill North Vancouver Lunch Menu
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Tamarind Hill North Vancouver Lunch Menu


roti canai – 2 pieces 10

signature malaysian soft bread with pan fried golden crust, served with spicy curry dip

satays ~ chicken | beef | lamb 4 skewers 9

bite size meat skewers marinated with lemongrass, turmeric, onions and coriander with delicious peanut sauce dip

vegetarian curry samosas 8.5

samosas filled with mix vegetables in a mild creamy curry sauce, served with spicy house sauce

vegetarian spring rolls 8.5

marinated vegetables deep fried to golden perfection, served with spicy house sauce

malaysian calamari 11

crispy calamari served with spicy house dipping sauce

soft shell crab 13

with indian black peppercorn garlic butter

tofu goreng 10

crispy tofu stuffed with cucumber, bean sprouts and fresh lettuce finished with crushed peanuts and served with sweet chili sauce

murtabak with gado gado 13  beef | lamb | chicken | vegetarian

malaysian roti wrap with a choice of curried beef,lamb, turmeric chicken or vegetarian served with the popular malaysian salad of bean sprouts, tofu, green bean, potato and cucumber served with peanut sauce and curry sauce on the side


gado gado salad 8

bean sprout, tofu, green bean, potato and cucumber served with peanut sauce

green papaya & mango salad 11

green papaya and fresh mango mixed with jicama root, carrots, red onions and fresh seasonal greens, served with a chili house dressing and crushed roasted peanuts


malaysian laksa (spicy curry) 12.5

rice vermicelli with shrimp, shredded chicken, bean sprout, egg, tofu puff and fish cake in a spicy coconut curry broth

singapore laksa (spicy coconut) 12.5

rice vermicelli with shrimp, shredded chicken,bean sprout, boiled egg, tofu puff and fish cake in a spicy coconut broth

assam seafood laksa (spicy tamarind) 14

rice vermicelli with scallop, shrimp, mussels,cuttlefish, shredded chicken, bean sprout, boiled


* sayur lemak 12.5

a pure vegetarian delight, mixed vegetable simmered in a mild coconut curry sauce

** sambal green beans 12.5

stir fried crunchy green beans in spicy sambal sauce with shrimp and tomatoes


nasi goreng 12.5

popular malaysian style fried rice with beef, shrimp, egg, tomato, onion and green beans


char kuey teow 12.5

stir fried flat rice noodle with spicy sweet soy, egg,bean sprout, shrimp, fish cake and cuttlefish

indian mee goreng 12.5

fresh fried egg noodle with beef, shrimp, egg, tomato,bean sprout, tofu and vegetables

hokkien mee 12.5

stir fried egg noodle and vermicelli with shrimp, egg,bean sprout, chicken and cuttlefish

k. l. hokkien mee 12.5

stir fried thick egg noodles with spicy sweet soy,cabbage, shrimp and beef


** malaysian chicken curry 13.5

tender chicken simmered in coconut curry with turmeric, fennel, cloves & cinnamon

** boneless hainanese chicken 13.75

steamed to perfect tenderness, topped with light sweet soy, served with grated ginger green onion dip & sweet chili dip

* satay chicken & gado gado salad 13.5

chicken satay skewers on gado gado salad served


** black tiger prawns 14.75

in sambal chilli, stir fried fresh garlic, lemongrass, fine shrimp paste& dried shrimp

** fresh snapper (boneless) 14.75

in caramalized sweet ginger


sauces and condiments .50

sambal chili 1

hainanese rice 3

coconut rice 3

steam rice 2.50

egg or rice noodle 3

veggies 2.5

*served with rice

**served with rice and curried vegetables

We cook extensively with nuts, gluten and seafood ingredients, please be aware and inform your server of any food allergies when ordering. We thank you for dining at Tamarind Hill and we hope you have a wonderful experience. Please come visit us again. Applicable taxes and gratuities are not included. Party of 6 or more, a 18% of service charge will be added to the final bill.